Book design for Stemmen og Tilhørerne [Voice and Listener] by Jette Barnholdt Hansen and Hanne Smith Pedersen


Anytime we talk (whether we give a big speech or have a small conversation) the voice is always there – carrying the message from the speaker to the listener. Stemmen og tilhørerne [Voice and Listener] is a book about the use of one’s voice, and how it may affect the message that we seek to communicate.

What makes each voice distinct is the pattern of sound waves that is produced as we speak. The pattern of sound waves is unique for each individual person – like a “sound finger print”.

We wanted to work with patterns of sound waves for Stemmen og tilhørerne. And drawing inspiration from paper marbling (a classic printing technique used widely for bookcovers in the 1800’s and up), we made a series of randomly processed wave patterns before finally picking one out for the cover.

(…and because hey – why not: The book is layouted in a strict grid-system where every distance, margin, line-height and even the entire format of the book, can be multiplied into 78,41 cm – the wavelength of a clean middlenote ‘A’)

Photography by Cecilie Bach

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